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We believe that PowerSong is one of the best church projection software packages in the world, and it is being used by many churches currently. Whilst we believe there are multiple reasons for this, we also believe that some of them arise from the following five principles that apply to PowerSong’s ethos:

• Ease of Operation

PowerSong should be very easy to use. Its user interface is based on rigidly defined user interface design principles. Its author graduated with a distinction in Human Computer Interaction and therefore there is little excuse for a user interface that is difficult to learn or use. It is hoped that anyone can pick up and use the main features of the software within a few minutes.

• Free

Non-profit organisations such as newly planted and established churches do not have unlimited resources, yet there are many church software authors that charge for their software. We believe that there is nothing inherently wrong in this, yet we also believe there is great value in creating and releasing software without charging for it. For this reason, PowerSong has, is and always will be free, unlike the offerings of various alternative products.

• Open Source

It is one thing to make software free, it is another thing to make the source code available. Some church software is free but not open source. PowerSong differs from this by making source code freely available on its website along with PowerSong itself. The source code can be examined and modified by anyone who has enough knowledge of software development, particularly in VB.NET.

• Invitation of Contributors

We always welcome anyone who would like to help us continue to make and develop PowerSong. Anyone with appropriate skills, such documentation, coding, testing, graphic design, website maintenance…etc is welcomed to request to be a part of the team. The software code and service lines are maintained via the SourceForge suite of applications, which is capable of maintaining multiple regular contributors. Please contact the author to be a part of the team.

• Invitation of Responses

Anyone using the software should be able to contact its author. There are multiple channels available for this. The software itself provides a feedback portal allowing its users to send back comments and suggestions. The PowerSong website also contains this portal. Furthermore, anyone can contact the author directly by email. Every comment is read and considered, and most receive replies within thirty (30) days. Occasionally, requested features get implemented without the submitter being informed.

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